• Derek Lawlor has never been afraid to try new techniques or concepts with his work, none more so evident than with his new conceptual Jewellery Line.

    The sculptural jewellery pieces which are based on the traditional Celtic knot design are a step away from the usual for Derek; who uses colour quite boldly in these designs. Muted tones have always been the reflection in the knitwear designs of his couture range and the colours used in the jewellery compliments these pieces well. Unlike other designers, the new and the old can combine to make an exciting new approach to how design ideas can be modified to work together.

    The concept for Derek Lawlors’ Jewellery is deep rooted in his own Irish roots. Taking inspiration from his Father, Seamus Lawlor, and using his father’s wallpaper design ideas, along with print designer Helen Harrison, Lawlor’s influences are evident in the design form.

  • To portray the jewellery in a more artistic approach Derek worked with photographer James Hazlett-Beard the images clearly depict that the jewellery pieces are an artwork.

    The designs still hint at their Celtic origin with their intricate repetitive looped design; the bold colours stand out making the neckpieces more than just an accessory – they are unmistakably wearable works of art.

    Derek’s recent in house work with Brown Thomas has now taken him to the next level and his jewellery can now be seen at the Barbara Stanley Gallery, joining other new design talent as part of the ‘Rian: A Journey Through Irish Jewellery and Accessories’ exhibition.

  • Set Design: Helen Harrison